The Elder Scrolls Online's New Upcoming Expansion--MurkMire

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The quarterly release schedule for Elder Scrolls Online continues with the Murkmire expansion this December. Murkmire is a paid DLC that will come with Update 20, which introduces important changes to several game systems and is free for all players. ESO has just released information about the expansion and update, including a surprising news - the Murkmire DLC will be available free of charge to players who visit Tamriel in November.

The next expansion pack for Elder Scrolls Online, Murkmire, is the home of the Argonians, the ESO's playable race of intelligent lizards. Argonians are fun, a bit mysterious, and have one of the best female voices in the game. They were once enslaved by the Dark Elf, they are free now but not much about them is known. Interacting with the Argonian NPCs allows you to feel that the game has solved the social and cultural systems that has not been fully revealed in the game. Murkmire promises to change that.

The DLC includes a new area with swamps, jungles, overgrown temples and Imperial ruins. It sounds like you might run into Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft near the next corner of the trail. elder-scrolls-onlines-upcoming-murkmire-expansion1

Murkmire has all the game features you would expect from ESO's story-driven DLC pack. One of the great strengths of ESO is its consistently high quality storytelling, and I hope that tradition will continue with Murkmire. The DLC pack includes a number of side quests as well as major story quest involving the search for a lost artifact of cultural significance to the Argonians. 

Murkmire is free for ESO Plus subscribers and can be purchased at the Crown Store. The latest news said that "the entire DLC will also be available as a Daily Reward during the month of November." I think that means players who log into ESO and get daily rewards every day during November will get the Murkmire DLC on the last day of the month. If that is the case, it will be an incredible deal for regular players who log in almost every day anyway.
There is also a new four-player leaderboard arena called Blackrose Prison, as well as new delves, world bosses, item sets, crafting styles, furniture items and more. 


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